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All fellows in the UNC NPM fellowship will receive formative training in quality improvement and safety methodology and implementation research.  Depending on the fellow’s career goals, he/she has the opportunity to engage in more substantive quality improvement work, through scholarly activity with a QI or safety concentration.  Any fellow can have a QI concentration of their scholarly work, even if they are not the designated “QI fellow.”

We reserve one of our seven fellowship positions for a fellow designated on the QI Track.  This fellow will have substantial focus on QI activities. Activities in this track will train the fellow to be a leader in QI/Safety in their future career and will be ideal for academic physicians, medical directors and leaders of community programs.  

Fellows receive individualized mentorship within the Division of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine and from faculty in the UNC Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement and will interact with Improvement Fellows, Scholars and Leaders from other disciplines. Sample activities in QI curriculum include Quality Improvement methodology, safety and leadership courses offered through the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), APA or Vermont Oxford Network (VON) QI courses, leadership of QI projects within the NCCC, membership on hospital committees and presentation at National Meetings.