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NIH Focused Budget Template

Before completing the sponsors required budget format, an Internal Budget is used to help develop a plan.
When did you last ask …

  1. Why is our internal budget designed the way it is?
  2. Does our internal budget allow you to view data with minimum amount of scrolling?
  3. Does our internal budget display information in the format used in the application, or do you have to convert the information ?
  4. Why does our internal budget amounts not match the amounts in the application budget ?

The Sponsored Programs Office has a well-designed internal budget file you are welcome to use. It was designed to solve the many challenges the department face when putting together an application package.

Please visit the Sponsored Programs Office Downloads page and download your copy of the SPO Budget Template Workbook today.

For your protection the Sponsored Programs Office Downloads page is behind an “Oynen” based firewall.