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Chirag Desai, MD

Department Updates (Dr. Caprice Greenberg)
Islet Cell Autotransplantation: Role in the Surgical Treatment of Pancreatitis
5/24/23 2023 Nathan A. Womack Surgical Society Research Day: Andrea Hayes-Dixon, MD,  Does Cytoreductive Surgery and HIPEC, Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy really work? Developing a Novel Approach to Refractory Abdominal Tumors in Adolescents and Young Adults

Password: TcdDp4hH

5/10/23 Katharine McGinigle, MD, MPH
Surgical Director of ERAS, Associate Professor, Vascular Surgery
Quality Quarterly: ERAS
Departmental Update and How you can use ERAS as part of a research program

Victoria Burton, MD (PGY-5, General Surgery)
Marcos Lopez, MD (PGY-6, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery)
Meredith Kugar, MD (PGY-6, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery)

Chief Resident Lectures:

  • Surgeons Anonymous: Recovery After A Complication
  • The Athlete’s Mindset: Sports Psychology Lessons to Improve Surgical Performance
  • History of Aesthetic Surgery
4/12/23 Sunil Geevarghese, MD, MSCI, FACS, Vice Chair for Education, Section of Surgical Sciences | Medical Director, Transplant Perioperative Services | Associate Professor of Surgery, Biomedical engineering and Radiology | Division of Surgery and Liver Transplantation, Vanderbilt University Medical Center Caveat Chirurgus
3/29/23 Caprice Greenberg, MD, MPH, Department Chair Surgery Department Updates
3/8/23 Daniel Kindell, MD (PGY-5, General Surgery)

Fernando Motta, MD (PGY-5, Vascular Surgery)

Peripheral Arterial Disease: What is My Role?
The State of Art and the Future of Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair
3/1/23 Thomas Ivester, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer & VP, Medical Affairs

Lauren Schiff, MD, Associate Chief Medical Officer for Quality and Patient Safety

Quality Quarterly
2/22/23 ASC Research Presentations: Kathryn Atkins, MD, Anne Worth, Ursula Adams, MD, MBA, Logan Butler, Rasha Kakati, MD ASC Research Presentations
1/25/23 Maureen Kohi, MD, Ernest H. Wood Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Radiology, UNC Driving Academic Impact: A Reflection

Aurelie Merlo, MD (PGY-5, CT Surgery)

Malcolm Jefferson, MD (PGY-5, General Surgery)

Chief Resident Lectures:

Surgical Training: A Journey through the Lens of Ju Juitsu

12/14/22 Leonard Girardi, MD, Chair, Department of CT Surgery & CT Surgeon-in-Chief, NY Presbyterian Hospital | Weill Cornell Medicine Protocols, Polypropylene and Perseverance The Fundamentals of a Quality Aortic Surgery Program
11/2/22-12/7/22 Due to meeting type and/or speaker preference, there are no recordings for these dates No recordings available
10/26/22 Xavier Baldwin, MD

Ian Kratzke, MD

Avital Yohann, MD

Resident Research Experiences:

  • Basic Science Research Experience
  • Surgery Resident Research: How to Stride without a How to Guide
  • Masters, Malawi, and Marathons: Professional and Personal Development During the Research Years
10/12/22  Lorenzo Ferri, MD, PhD, Department Chair, Director, and Professor, Division of Thoracic Surgery, McGill University Enhanced Recovery Programs for Complex Gastrointestinal Surgery – From Concept to Implementation
10/5/22  Lawrence Kim, MD, Professor of Surgical Oncology  Coaching: It’s Not What You Think It Is
9/28/22  Adnan Alseidi, MD, EdM, FACS,  Professor of Clinical Surgery
University of California, San Francisco
 The Changing Landscape of Psychomotor Training and Feedback with a Focus on Autonomy, Entrustment, and the Joy of the Surgical Learner
9/21/22  Hong Jin Kim, MD, Chief and Professor, Surgical Oncology, Vice Chair of Strategy & Outreach Changing Paradigms in Pancreatic Cancer: Surgical Evolutions
9/14/22 Brittney Williams, MD (PGY 5)

Guilherme de Oliveira, MD (PGY 5)

Robotic Surgery: Advances and Opportunities

Cardiac Xenotransplantation

9/7/22  Edward Barksdale, Jr., MD, Robert J. Izand, Jr MD Professor and Surgeon-in-Chief, Rainbow Children’s Hospital  Beyond the Boundaries: A New Horizon
8/24/22  Imam Mohamed Badawy, Religious Specialist, Islamic Association of Raleigh  Islamic History (no recording)
8/17/22  Christina Shenvi, MD, PhD, MBA, FACEP, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine  How to be a Leader
8/10/22  Paula Fessler, MD, MSN, FNP-BC, Chief Nursing Officer, UNC Medical Center  Annual OR Safety and Teamwork Event
8/3/22  Trista Reid, MD, Asst. Professor, Division of General and Acute Care Surgery
7/27/22 Christopher Sayed, MD, Assoc. Professor, Dermatology

Lynn Damitz, MD, Chief, Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Bringing Medical and Surgical Mgmt Together for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Medical & Surgical Management

7/20/22 Bill Marston, MD, Professor, Division of Vascular Surgery The Surgeon in 2022: What is “the right stuff?”

ATMeyer lectureship  > Presentation slide deck (only)

7/13/22 Josh Herb. MD (PGY 5)

Jessica Rouan, MD (PGY 5)

Rural Hospital Closures

Complex Abdominal Wall Closure

6/22/22  Sharmila Dissanaike, MD, Prof. and Chair, Dept. of Surgery , Asst. Medical Director, Timothy Harnar Burn Center Leadership: From Residency to “Infinity and Beyond”
  6/15/22 Department of Surgery Resident Awards Dept. of Surgery AWARDS DAY
  5/25/22 Mary Kate Bryant, MD – PGY 5, General Surgery

Laura Purcell, MD – PGY 6, General Surgery

Obesity: The Other Pandemic 

Birthplace Matters: Congenital Abdominal Wall Defects

  5/18/22 Alice Ma, MD – Professor, Hematology Career Pathway Choices
  5/8/22 Kate McGinigle, MD, MPH – Assoc. Professor, Vascular Surgery ERAS Fundamentals
  4/27/22 Emile Barnes, MD – PGY 5, General Surgery

Stephanie Lumpkin, MD – PGY 8, General Surgery

Resident Autonomy: From Halstead to the 21st Century

Eight Years in Residency: A Work in Progress

  4/20/22 Christian Larsen, MD, DPhil – Professor of Surgery, Division of Transplantation, Emory Univ. SOM Delivering One Transplant for Life: Can we Chart a Course?
  4/13/22 Stephen Bogdewic, PhD, MA – Clinical Professor & Assoc. Chair for Faculty Affairs, Dept. of Family Medicine Conflict Management and the Art of Negotiation
  4/6/22 Benjamin Haithcock, MD – Surgical Director, UNC Lung Transplant Program; Dir. of Cardiothoracic Surgery Residency Program Thoracic Surgery Training
  3/30/22 Dana Telem, MD, MPH – Section Head, Gen Surg., Assoc. Chair, Quality and Patient Safety. The Science of Clinical and Cultural Change
  3/9/22 Lukasz Masur, MD – Associate Professor and Director of Healthcare Engineering Towards High Reliability in Healthcare
  3/2/22 Levi Benjamin, MD – Chief, General and Acute Care Surgery Improving Musculoskeletal and Mental Fitness Through Single Cell and Single Individual Support
  2/16/22 Kathleen Marulanda, MD – PGY 5, General Surgery

Emily Wirtz, MD – PGY 5, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Racism in Medicine: Are We Doing Enough?

Beneath the Surface: Ultrasound Applications in Plastic Surgery

  2/9/22 ASC Presentations ASC Presentations
  1/19/22 Alexander Langerman, MD – Associate Professor, Otolaryngology Video/Audio Recording in the Operating Room and the Coming Age of Surgical Transparency
  1/5/22 Lukasz Masur, MD – Associate Professor and Director of Healthcare Engineering Wellbeing “Deep Dives” Overview and Approach