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Year Completed Resident Destination After Residency
2023 Victoria Burton, MD University of Michigan – Surgical Critical Care Fellowship
2023 Guilherme De Oliveria, MD University of Utah – Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship
2023 Josh Herb, MD MD Anderson Cancer Center – Surgical Oncology Fellowship
2023 Malcolm Jefferson, MD University of Kentucky – Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship
2023 Daniel Kindell, MD Washington University in St. Louis – Vascular Surgery Fellowship
2023 Jessica Rouan, MD UNC – Surgical Critical Care Fellowship
2023 Brittney Williams, MD Emory University – Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship (thoracic track)
2022 Emilie Barnes, MD Virginia Commonwealth University – Surgical Critical Care Fellowship
2022 Mary Kate Bryant, MD University of Washington (Seattle, WA) –  Advanced Gastrointestinal Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship
2022 Stephanie Lumpkin, MD Duke University Health System – Surgical Critical Care Fellow
2022 Kathleen Marulanda, MD Penn Medicine (Philadelphia, PA) – Vascular Surgery Fellowship
2022 Emily Newton, MD University of Kansas Medical Center – Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship
2022 Laura Purcell, MD UT Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas, TX) – Pediatric Surgery Fellowship
2021 Staci Aubry, MD University of Michigan – Surgical Critical Care/Trauma Fellowship
2021 Stephanie Gray, MD Carolinas Medical Center – Surgical Critical Care/Trauma Fellowship
2021 Mia Klein, MD Shands – Surgical Critical Care/Trauma Fellowship
2021 Peter Marcinkowski, MD Ohio State University – Surgical Critical Care/Trauma Fellowship
2021 Lauren Daugherty, MD US Navy – General Surgeon
2021 Manuel Sanchez-Casalongue, MD UNC – Advanced GI/MIS Fellowship
2021 Charles Schafer, MD Emory University – Plastic Surgery Fellowship
2020 Katie Cools, MD University of Tennessee – Complex General Surgical Oncology Fellowship
2020 Mubinia Isani, MD DuPont Children’s Hospital – Pediatric Surgery Fellowship
2020 Stephen Mahoney, MD St. Joseph Mercy in Ann Arbor, MI – Colon and Rectal Fellowship
2020 Joshua Preiss, MD University of Washington – Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship
2020 Sara Scarlet, MD University of North Carolina – Surgical Critical Care fellowship
2020 Lee Stratton, MD University of Chicago, Chicago, IL – Endocrine Surgery Fellowship
2019 Rebecca Brown, MD St. Joseph’s/University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI – Colorectal Surgery Fellowship
2019 Joanna Grudziak, MD University of North Carolina – Surgical Critical Care fellowship
2019 Chelsea Hutchinson, MD US Air Force, St. Louis, Missouri – Active-duty general surgeon
2019 Bailey Sanders, MD Pinehurst, North Carolina – General Surgery Practice
2019 Thomas Scarritt, MD University of Arizona – Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship
2019 Michael Williford, MD Emory University – Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship
2018 Jonathan Black, MD University of Alabama Birmingham
2018 Jacquelyn Carr, MD Mount Sinai (New York)
2018 Tyler Ellis, MD University of Massachusetts
2018 Jared Gallaher, MD Oregon Health & Science University
2018 Paul Kaminsky, MD Florida Hospital Orlando
2018 Thaddeus Puzio, MD Indiana University
2018 Mansi Shah, MD University of Kentucky
2018 Richard Thompson, MD University of North Carolina
2017 Kevin Chang, MD University of California, Los Angeles
2017 Anna Johnson, MD University of South Florida
2017 Aimee Kim, MD University of Pennsylvania
2017 Rajat Kumar, MD University of Alabama Birmingham
2017 Jennifer Samples, MD Greater Baltimore Medical Center
2017 Megan Quintana, MD University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center
2016 Laura Boschini, MD Plastic Surgery Fellowship, Univ of Colorado
2016 Kirk Caddell, MD General Surgery practice, Tupelo, Mississippi
2016 Ashish Jain, MD Vascular Surgery Fellowship, Northwestern
2016 Mike Phillips, MD Pediatric Surgery Fellowship, Nemours/Dupont Childrens (Delaware)
2016 Chris Tiganelli, MD Critical Care Fellowship, Michigan
2015 Nicole Chaumont, MD Colorectal Surgery Fellowship, UNC
2015 Krista Evans, MD Colorectal Surgery Fellowship, Connecticut
2015 Sumayah Hargette, MD General Surgery practice, Florida
2015 Scott Moore, MD Critical Care Fellowship, Univ of Colorado
2015 Javeria Qureshi, MD General Surgery practice, Chicago
2015 Trista Reid, MD Critical Care Fellowship, Stanford
2015 Raeshell Sweeting, MD Breast Surgery Fellowship, Vanderbilt
2015 Ashok Venkataraman, MD Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship, Loyola (Chicago)
2014 Jessica Cioffi, MD HPB Surgery Fellowship, Indiana
2014 Travis Cotton, MD Endocrine Surgery Fellowship, Michigan
2014 Emily Fontenot, MD Surgical Oncology Fellowship, City of Hope
2014 Megan Fuller, MD Pediatric Surgery Fellowship, CHOP
2014 Michelle Kiser, MD Pediatric Surgery Fellowship, Arkansas
2013 Colin Bird, MD Colorectal Surgery Fellowship, UT Houston
2013 Jeff Dehmer, MD Pediatric Surgery Fellowship, Kansas City
2013 Tyler Elkins-Williams, MD Burn Surgery/Plastic Surgery Fellowship, UNC
2013 Jason Glotzbach, MD Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship, Columbia
2013 Kate McGinigle, MD Vascular Surgery Fellowship, Duke
2013 Phil Pepple, MD Transplant Surgery Fellowship, UNC
2013 Courtney Sommer, MD Critical Care Fellowship, Univ of Washington
2012 Elizabeth Acquista, MD New Hanover Regional Medical Center, Wilmington, NC
2012 Matthew Alleman, MD Wake Med, Raleigh, NC
2012 Jonathan Samuel, MD, MPH Critical Care, UNC Chapel Hill
2012 K. Elizabeth Speck, MD Pediatric Surgery, Univ. of Michigan
2011 Jeanie Ashburn, MD Colorectal Surgery, Cleveland Clinic, OH
2011 Brian Bednarski, MD Surgical Oncology, MD Anderson, TX
2011 Aaron Garrison, MD Pediatric Surgery, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, OH
2011 Cathy Khandelwal, MD
2011 Leora Tesche, MD Cardiothoracic, Univ. of Virginia
2011 Joshua Unger, MD Vascular, Duke Univ.
2010 Nancy Andersen, MD
2010 Megan Jack, MD Plastic Surgery, Cleveland Clinic, FL
2010 Mark Joseph, MD Critical Care/Cardiothoracic, UNC Chapel Hill
2010 Jennifer Nelson, MD Cardiothoracic, Univ. of Michigan
2010 Heather Park, MD Vascular, UNC Chapel Hill
2010 Paul Riesenman, MD Vascular, Emory University
2009 Rajendra Bhati, MD Surgical Oncology, Moffit Cancer Center
2009 Shannelle Campbell, MD, MPH
2009 Nadeem Khuri, MD
2009 Kristen Parker, MD Plastic, New York Presbyterian
2009 Matthew Sherill, MD Plastic, Univ. of Minnesota
2009 William Stansfield, MD Cardiothoracic, UNC Chapel Hill
2009 Margaret Walkup, MD Vascular, Mt. Sinai
2008 Raghid Bitar, MD Laparoscopy and GI Surgery, UNC Chapel Hill
2008 Kathryn Baerman, MD
2008 Faera Byerly, MD Surgical Oncology, UNC Chapel Hill
2008 Lindsee McPhail, MD, MPH Laparoscopy and GI Surgery, UNC Chapel Hill
2008 Peter Milano, MD
2007 Stacy Bennett, MD
2007 Mike Houston, MD Critical Care, UNC Chapel Hill
2007 Will Robinson, MD Vascular, Brigham and Women’s
2007 Chris Rupp, MD Hepatobillary, Washington University
2007 Houman Tamaddon, MD Vascular, UNC Chapel Hill
2007 Karyn Stitzenberg, MD, MPH Oncology, Fox Chase Philadelphia
2006 Amber Allen, MD Laparoscopy, Univ. of Kentucky
2006 Wells Brabham, MD Vascular, UNC Chapel Hill
2006 Ryan Heider, MD
2006 Harry Lightfoot, MD
2006 Erika Rager, MD, MPH MPH, UNC Chapel Hill
2006 Tim Sadiq, MD Colorectal, Lahey Clinic
2005 Shon Black, MD Breast, Mass. General Hosp.
2005 Abigail Caudle, MD Oncology, MD Anderson, Univ. of Texas
2005 John Flannery, MD Colorectal, UMDNJ
2005 Jennifer Lin, MD Laparoscopy, Univ. of Cal. San Diego
2005 Heather Neuman, MD, MPH Oncology, Memorial Sloan-Kettering
2005 Alden Parsons, MD Cardiothoracic, UNC Chapel Hill
2004 Brendan Campbell, MD Pediatric, Arkansas Children’s Hospital
2004 Brian Clark, MD Thoracic, Univ. of Virginia
2004 Laura Kissel, MD Vascular, UNC Chapel Hill
2004 David Pilati, MD
2003 Mark Bird, MD
2003 Erin Felger, MD Endocrine Fellowship, Johns Hopkins
2003 Joe Fulton, MD Vascular, UNC Chapel Hill
2003 Steve Gross, MD Laparoscopic, Univ. of Oregon
2003 Joe Jenkins, MD
2003 Patty Lange, MD Pediatric, National Children’s Hospital
2002 Lora Burke, MD Breast, UCSF
2002 Kelly Bullard, MD Burn, UCSF
2002 Wes Schooler, MD Plastics, UCSF
2002 Duc Pham, MD Thoracic, Northwestern
2002 Mark Papenhausen, MD Vascular, UNC Chapel Hill
2001 Lorraine Cornwall, MD Cardiothoracic, Memorial Sloan Kettering
2001 Michael Heidenreich, MD Vascular, MD
2001 Cynthia Diehl, MD Plastic Surgery, UNC Chapel Hill
2001 Bobby Mendes, MD Vascular, UNC Chapel Hill
2001 Scott Schlidt, MD CT, UNC Chapel Hill
2000 Woody Burns III, MD
2000 Curtis Hunter, MD Cardiothoracic, Boston University
2000 Jeffrey Abrams, MD Critical Care, UNC Chapel Hill
2000 Alan Bradshaw, MD Laparoscopic, Emory University
2000 Eric Suescun, MD
1999 Lewis Owns, MD Vascular, UNC Chapel Hill
1999 Oktavijan Minanov, MD Cardiothoracic, Columbia University
1999 Walter Scott, MD Cardiothoracic, University of Utah
1999 Keith Kim, MD
1999 Kevin McCowan, MD
1998 Kellie Brown, MD Vascular, Medical College of WI
1998 Craig Colliver, MD Laparoscopy, UNC Chapel Hill
1998 Amy Degnim, MD Breast, University of Michigan
1998 Jim Dickinson, MD
1998 C. Scott Hultman, MD Plastic, Emory University
1997 Toan Huynh, MD Trauma/Critical Care, UNC Chapel Hill
1997 Kendall Jones, MD
1997 Lemuel Kirby, MD Vascular, Georgia Baptist
1997 Andy Kiser, MD Cardiothoracic, UNC Chapel Hill
1997 Michael Szwerc, MD Cardiothoracic, Allegheny General
1996 Tim Brown, MD
1996 Michelle Brownstein, MD
1996 Bruce Cairns, MD Trauma/Critical care, UNC Chapel Hill
1996 Mark Farber, MD Vascular, UNC Chapel Hill
1996 Lori Lilley, MD
1995 Morton Kahlenberg, MD Oncology, Roswell Park
1995 Bradford Keeler, MD
1995 Geoffrey Risley, MD Vascular, UNC Chapel Hill
1995 Tim Weiner, MD Pediatric Surgery, Univ. of Pittsburgh
1995 Christopher Willms, MD Cardiothoracic, Univ. of New Mexico
1994 John Alexander, MD Plastic Surgery, UCSF
1994 Robert Beale, MD
1994 Mary Hooks, MD Oncology, Fox Chase
1994 Kristijan Minanov, MD Cardiothoracic, Emory University
1994 Ben Sun, MD Cardiothoracic, Columbia University
1993 William Marston, MD Vascular, UNC Chapel Hill
1993 Rache Simmons, MD Breast, New York Presbyterian
1993 David Smith, MD Trauma/Critical Care, UNC Chapel Hill
1993 Mark Tillotson, MD
1993 Eric Van Buskirk, MD Plastic, Duke University
1992 Theodore Behar, MD Plastic, University of Virginia
1992 Rosa Cuenca, MD Oncology, Rosewell Park Cancer Inst.
1992 Richard Essner, MD Oncology, John Wayne Cancer Center
1992 Anne Manktelow, MD Pediatric , Children’s National Med. Center
1992 Ellis Tinsley, MD Vascular, UNC Chapel Hill
1991 Jeffrey Beuhrer, MD Vascular, UNC Chapel Hill
1991 Mark Hennington, MD Cardiothoracic, UNC Chapel Hill
1991 Kevin Nolan, MD Vascular, Northwestern
1991 Maurine Waterhouse, MD Plastic, Kansas University
1990 Enrique Criado, MD Vascular, UNC Chapel Hill
1990 Rona Hodge-Lake, MD
1990 William Killinger, MD Cardiothoracic, Univ. of Pittsburgh
1990 Benson Timmons, MD Plastic, Duke University