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Nathan A. Womack, MD Visiting Lecturer

Nathan Anthony Womack, MD, was a surgical educator who espoused excellence in surgery and basic and clinical investigation. Born in Reidsville, North Carolina, he graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1922 with a BS in Medicine, subsequently receiving his MD from Washington University at St. Louis in 1926.

Following completion of a residency at Washington University under Dr. Evarts Graham, Dr. Womack visited European medical schools as a travelling fellow. He returned to Washington University in 1930 as an assistant in surgery where he made many contributions to the science, art, and craft of surgery. In 1947, Dr. Womack became Professor of Clinical Surgery at Washington University. In 1948 he was appointed Chairman of the Department of Surgery at the University of Iowa School of Medicine.

In 1951, medical school dean Dr. Reece Berryhill recruited Dr. Womack as the first Chairman and Professor in the Department of Surgery at the newly established UNC School of Medicine. He served with distinction in this capacity until 1966, and continued as Professor of Surgery until his death in 1975.

Dr. Womack’s insistence on surgical excellence, coupled with his caring approach to his patients, set standards perpetuated by subsequent Chairmen Dr. Colin Thomas, Dr. George Sheldon, and Dr. Anthony Meyer.