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Cystoscopy (Cystourethroscopy)

A scope exam of the bladder that allows for a detailed look at the urethra and the bladder lining. It is used to look for causes of hematuria (blood in the urine), or to look for causes of difficulty urinating such as scar tissue or prostate enlargement.

Robotic Surgeries

Cutting-edge technology that uses a minimally invasive toolset known as the da Vinci® Surgical System. This system allows our surgeons to treat various diseases through a minimally invasive approach that benefits both surgeon and most importantly our patients.


A radical cystectomy (surgery) is typically performed as an attempt to cure bladder cancer that has extended into the bladder wall.

Blue Light Cystoscopy

The UNC Department of Urology is one of only a few bladder cancer centers of excellence to offer blue light cystoscopy, a unique technology to detect and diagnose tumors in the bladder. Also known as Cysview®, this enhanced imaging procedure helps oncologists find bladder tumors more easily than standard cystoscopy.

Calypso / Fiducial Markers

The Calypso Localization System and Cybermark Fiducial System are treatment tools that help our doctors deliver focused doses of radiation during prostate cancer treatment.