Tools for Practice

Questions and Answers about implementing the Otago Exercise Program from Physical Therapists in the field.
Implementation Guide
The complete Otago Manual. PTs can use this reference along with the online training to guide your implementation. The references at the end provide all the research behind the program.
Otago Social Networking
Join like minded colleagues in an online community to get quick answers to your implementation questions.
How to Track Outcomes
You and your agency may want to track clinical outcomes to see if you are getting the 35-40% reduction in falls that was seen in the research. Email to gain access to our FREE online database. This Powerpoint presentation will tell you how to use it.
Access the Otago Outcomes Database
Already part of our database? Access it here.
A ready to print brochure you can use in your practice to educate health care providers about your provision of the Otago Exercise Program and the evidence base.
A complete listing of the research references.
Changes in Falls Rates Resulting from Otago Implementation
Field Research from Advanced Home Care's implementation of Otago over 2 3/4 years
CDC endoresement of evidence based programs
Spanish print outs of exercises
YouTube Database Instructions
Here's a short video that shows you how to use the database for your Otago patients. Please note there is no audio on this file.
Binder from Fox Rehab
Here are the short summaries that Fox is providing to patients to help increase compliance. If you choose to use these tools please send your contact info to James Eng <>