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Medical staff conversing around a table
© Can Stock Photo by Andres

FlourishConnect builds on lessons learned from the National Nursing Home COVID-19 Action Network (NNHCAN). In partnership with the University of Louisville Trager Institute, the UNC Center for Aging and Health will expand service to an additional 50 nursing homes in North Carolina. FlourishConnect will focus on several major COVID-19-related issues:

  • Special COVID-19 related needs of nursing home residents (especially the dementia population)
  • Nursing home workforce needs (ex: post-traumatic stress due to COVID-19 among staff)
  • COVID-19 vaccine access and hesitancy (both patients and staff)
  • Strengthening the long-term care industry during the pandemic by addressing gaps in COVID-19 specific health care

For more information, read the FlourishConnect flyer.