Participate in a study

Different studies vary in the eligibility requirements for participation. A study coordinator will review the information to determine if you may be eligible for any of our current studies. If you may be eligible, then we will contact you by phone to give you more information about the study and schedule a time for you to come in for a screening visit. You will be compensated for the screening visit, but there is no compensation for filling out this form.

We will protect your privacy by storing the collected information on a secure computer at UNC or in a printed document stored in a locked filing cabinet. These methods are considered the state of the art security, but no security system is perfect and someone could potentially gain access to the information from your completed questionnaire. You will be given a choice to allow us to store the information for 1 month, or for 1 year, or indefinitely. After this time, the record will be permanently destroyed. While we have the information on record we will consider you for our studies. You may leave a question blank if you do not want to answer it. After submitting the questionnaire, you may ask us to delete your record at any time by contacting us at 919-962-0126.

Filling out the form is voluntary. If you don't want to fill out this on-line form but still want to learn more about research opportunities, you may call 919-962-0126. Please leave your name, tell us that you may be interested in volunteering, and how best to reach you.


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