Veterans Issues at Interface of Law and Psychiatry:

Post-deployment Adjustment :  NIMH-funded research examining factors associated with outcomes for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to construct an screening tool for veterans at risk of adjustment problems upon return home from combat.

Financial Capacity: DoE-funded research develop and test an intervention to improve financial capacity, enhance money management skills, and reduce homelessness among veterans with psychiatric disabilities.


Other Veterans Issues:

Cognitive Function: DOD-funded research testing an evidence-based cognitive rehabilitation intervention using an iPod Touch to improve post-deployment adjustment among Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. Interested in learning more? Visit us on facebook!

Pain Management: NCCIH-funded research testing the feasibility and utility of mobile technology to implement EEG biofeedback (called neurofeedback) for veterans with PTSD and TBI. For more information, check out this write-up in the Washington Post.


Research in Civil and Criminal Forensic Psychiatry:

Competence to Manage Finances- Empirical study examining the relationship between age, cognition, symptoms, and financial decisional capacity among people with psychiatric disabilities.

Representative Payeeship - DoE-funded research testing an intervention for family representative payees to reduce financial coercion, interpersonal conflict, and family violence.

Forensic Assessment for Federal Court - Review of federal statutes and rules of evidence to outline methods to write effective forensic psychiatry reports for the federal courts.


Research Team:

Michelle Cueva, Ph.D.

Eric Elbogen, Ph.D.

Chelsea Greenburg, M.S.W.

Sally C. Johnson, M.D.

Mina Schneider, B.A.

James Wolfe, M.S.