The Otago Exercise ProgramFall has trained health care professionals in 18 countries!  Otago is a series of 17 strength and balance exercises delivered by a Physical Therapist in the home that reduces falls between 35 and 40% for frail older adults. This evidence-based program, developed in New Zealand, calls for PTs to assess, coach and progress patients over the course of six months to one year. Recent research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine and Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention shows statistically significant improvement in clinical scores after as little as 8 weeks.1

The Otago Exercise Program is being promoted by the Centers for Disease Control, the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Project and the Administration for Community Living in 16 states.

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Course Description Find out more about our newly revised self-paced online training 3 CEUs only $35. A new short online course is also available to show how the Otago exercises can be done as part of activities of daily living. Over 8,300 PTs from 18 countries have completed our online training.

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Shubert, T. E., M. L. Smith, L. Jiang and M. G. Ory (2016). “Disseminating the Otago Exercise Program in the United States: Perceived and Actual Physical Performance Improvements From Participants.” J Appl Gerontol.

The CGWEP also supports the Community Health and Mobility Partnership (CHAMP) program which uses the Otago Exercises.