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Kash Elucidates the Neurocircuitry of the Brain’s Stress and Anti-Stress Systems During Alcohol Drinking and Dependence

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Volume 22 No 1

Crews Leads Adolescent Alcohol Research Initiative

Director’s Column

Crews Lab Shows that Neuroimmune Activation Contributes to the Neurobiology of Addiction

Pandey Receives 2010 Bowles Lectureship Award

Director’s Column

From Animal Models to Clinical Studies: Morrow Lab Elucidates the Therapeutic Potential of Neuroactive Steroids

FAS Researchers Honored at RSA Meeting

Director’s Column

It’s in the Molecules: Hodge Laboratory Elucidates Subcellular Mechanisms of Alcohol Dependence

Spotlight on Young Investigators: Patrizia Porcu

Director’s Column

Breaking the Habit: Robinson Lab Investigates Novel Mechanisms of Maladaptive Alcohol Drinking

CAS Bids Farewell to Long-Time Researcher Overstreet

Director’s Column

Malanga Lab Reveals the Basis of the “Buzz”

New Evidence for Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors As Targets for Alcoholism Therapy

Director’s Column

Breese Laboratory Elucidates Mechanisms of Stress in Alcohol Relapse

“The Developing Brain” at Morehead Science Center Explains the Dangers of Fetal Alcohol Exposure

Director’s Column

Bowles Center Hosts Collaborative Initiative on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Thomas Kash Joins BCAS

Director’s Column

Wilhelmsen Lab: On the Cutting Edge of Efforts to Elucidate the Genetic Determinants of Alcoholism

Robinson Awarded Five-Year R01 Grant

Director’s Column

UNC Professor Spearheads Effort to Improve Recognition and Treatment of Substance-Abuse Disorders in NC

Boettiger Joins CAS Faculty

Director’s Column

Volume 13 No 1

Volume 13 No 2

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