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In the Spring 2016 issue of the UNC Carolina Scientific magazine, Wolfgang Bergmeier is profiled in a story titled “Platelets, the sports car of the vascular system.”

Wolfgang Bergmeier, PhD

Founded in the spring of 2008, Carolina Scientific’s mission is to produce a publication each semester that focuses on the exciting innovations in science and current research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Carolina Scientific strives to provide a way for students to discover and express their knowledge of new scientific advances, encourage students to explore and report on the latest scientific research at UNC-CH, and educate readers while promoting interest in science in research.

In the Spring 2016 issue, Dr. Wolfgang Bergmeier, associate professor of biochemistry and biophysics talks about the platelet research and projects underway in his lab. Dr. Bergmeier received his PhD from Witten/Herdecke University and completed his postdoctoral studies at Harvard University. His first independent lab was established at Thomas Jefferson University and in 2011, Dr. Bergmeier joined UNC as a faculty of Biochemistry and Biophysics with a joint appointment in the UNC McAllister Heart Institute. Research in his lab focuses on the adhesion mechanisms of platelets and neutrophils to sites of vascular injury/activation. They are particularly interested in the role of calcium (Ca2+) as a signaling molecule that regulates the inside-out activation of integrin receptors.

Read the article here: Carolina Scientific, spring 2016 issue