Membership still open for Fall 2019 BCBP Synergy Meet-ups

people sitting near Marsico buidling

To participate in BCBP Synergy, please contact the organizers, Adam Luthman ( and Beverly Errede (, to get started.

Incoming BBSP Students can sign up for Bioc 706

Bioc 706 course flier

Biochemistry of Human Disease: Learn contemporary biochemical principles, cutting edge approaches, literature analysis, and current and future treatments of human disease.

Incoming BBSP Students invited to sign up for Bioc 701

Biochemistry 701 flier

Critial Analysis & Communication in Biochemistry: Develop a range of communication skills including science podcasting, oral presentations, and roundtable deliberation coupled with in-depth analysis of seminar speaker research over a free lunch.

BCBP Synergy Launched!

BCBP synergy coffee break photo of 3 people

To facilitate meetups and networking between members of BCBP, we launched BCBP Synergy.

Justin Rectenwald Awarded the 11th Annual “Diane Harris Leadership Award”

Congratulations to Justin Rectenwald a graduate student in Biochemistry and Biophysics, who was awarded the Diane Harris Leadership Award for exemplary public service.

Graduate Student Pedro N. Pozo Publishes in Molecular Biology of the Cell and receives his PhD

photo of Pedro N. Pozo thesis defense 2018

Pedro N. Pozo, graduate student in Cook lab publishes his first-authored paper in MBoC and he receives his PhD.

UNC Undergraduate Research Week November 5 – 9

Sierra Archibald, undergraduate researcher

Sierra Archibald in Aziz Sancar lab works along side of senior researchers whose work focuses on DNA damage repair, cell cycle checkpoints, circadian clock.

Student Defenses for 2018

Pedro N. Pozo (in white) with family and Jean Cook PhD (in red)

Graduate students: AMY BYRNES, LIOR VERED, SHARON GUFFY, and PEDRO N. POZO gave their defenses this year.

Congratulations to Aspen Gutgsell who was awarded a Predoctoral Fellowship by the AHA and winner of best poster at the Southeast Lipid Research Conference!

Aspen Gutgsell graduate student of Biochemistry and Biophysics

Aspen was awarded a Predoctoral Fellowship by AHA, and the best graduate student poster at the Southeast Lipid Research Conference in Nashville, TN on November 2, 2018, as well as the best poster at our departmental research retreat in October 2018.