October 2019 Boo!

Welcome to the October 2019 edition of “On the Record with LP.” October was full of fun, especially with the department Halloween party.  Carolyn Clabo is working hard with our IT department on an end of the year newsletter and on a new and improved website, so “On the record” will go “off the record” temporarily until the New Year.

From cleaning beakers to doing cutting-edge research

Juanita Limas (left) works at a lab bench with Amiee Littlejohn.

Sophomore Amiee Littlejohn got more than she bargained for when she took a job cleaning beakers in a lab at Carolina. Now she’s pursuing a career in cancer research.

Frank Teets receives his PhD

photo of Frank Teets, graduate student (Kuhlman lab)

On November 1, 2019, Frank Teets (Hahn and Kuhlman labs) successfully defended his thesis.

Congratulations 2019 Retreat Presentation Winners

Outside the Carolina Inn

Announcing our presentation award winners from our 2019 research retreat.

Graduate students record Science Seminar Preview podcasts for Biochemistry 701

podcast icon

Podcasts are becoming more and more important for science communication. Please listen to our students’ projects.

September 2019 Highlights

BCBP Meet up welcome in Fall 2019 at TOPO back room with new dean

The third edition of “On the Record with LP.”

Stephan Kudlacek awarded F31

Stephan T Kudlacek graduate student

Stephan Kudlacek, a graduate student in Brian Kuhlman’s Lab was awarded an F31 on Sept. 1st, 2019.

Membership still open for Fall 2019 BCBP Synergy Meet-ups

people sitting near Marsico buidling

To participate in BCBP Synergy, please contact the organizers, Adam Luthman (aluthman@email.unc.edu) and Beverly Errede (errede@email.unc.edu), to get started.

August 2019 Welcome to the New Semester

poster session of graduate BBSP student Fall 2019

The second edition of “On the Record with LP.”

BBSP Graduate Student Rotations available

photo of Olivia Council Swanstrom lab 2019 graduate student Iof Microbiology and Immunology

Welcome new incoming BBSP Students. Rotation projects are available in cardiovascular disease and cancer to 1) translate lipid inhibitors of platelet aggregation into therapeutics to prevent thrombotic events and 2) use targeted and systems biology approaches to explore CIB1 in cancer cell and endothelial cell biology.