Greg Wang receives 2019 Hettleman Prize along with three others

The annual Phillip and Ruth¬†Hettleman¬†Prizes for Artist … Continued

UNC researchers captured a new culprit in multiple myeloma, a common hematological cancer

Greg G. Wang PhD, associate professor of the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics

Greg G. Wang, PhD, and UNC researchers recently identified a gene termed PHF19 to be critically involved in the development and progression of multiple myeloma, and also provided proof-of-principle evidence supporting pharmacological targeting of this pathway for therapeutics of this common hematological cancer.

Researchers develop method for identifying aggressive breast cancer drivers

Xian Chen, PhD

This paper describes a ground-breaking multi-omics technology to discover drivers of proliferative and invasive breast tumors.

Suzanne Barbour is selected as the next dean of The Graduate School

Suzanne Barbour PhD, Dean of The Graduate School and Professor

Q & A with Suzanne Barbour by Carolina Garduate School Magazine

Researchers clock DNA’s recovery time after chemotherapy

The lab of Aziz Sancar, MD, PhD, published a paper in the Journal of Biological Chemistry that could inform the creation of ‘chronochemotherapies’

The CryoEM Revolution has Arrived

Joshua Strauss and Saskia Neher stand beside the Cryo-EM equipment

$3-million instrument will bring exciting new capabilities to researchers across the university and others in the RTP area. The Talos Artica will be the centerpiece of the new cryoEM core facility, directed by Joshua Strauss, PhD.

NIH awards nearly $2 million to Cell Microsystems to boost biomedical research

photo of William Marzluff, PhD distinguished faculty of biochemistry and biophysics and joint with biology

The lab of William Marzluff, PhD, UNC Kenan Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry & Biophysics will collaborate with Cell Microsystems on gene editing projects to speed up the use of CRISPR workflows in lab experiments.

Study provides insights behind hyperactivation of key cell proliferation signal

photos of Pengda Liu PhD and Shelton Earp MD

In a study in Nature Communications, Pengda Liu, PhD, Shelton Earp, MD, and their collaborators reported discoveries about a key signaling pathway that can be hyperactive in kidney cancer.

Pengda Liu PhD awarded V Scholar Grant

photo of Pengda Liu PhD

Liu was one of 28 scientists who were awarded V Scholar Grants in 2018 by the V Foundation for Cancer Research. The two-year, $200,000 grants are designed to identify and advance innovative young scientists who are establishing their research careers.

Researchers discover potential attack strategy for aggressive breast cancer

photo of Leslie Parise PhD

UNC researchers including Leslie Parise, PhD and doctoral student Alex Chung have designed a novel way to attack an aggressive breast cancer. By working with a drug development company, they hope their laboratory discovery will translate to a new treatment combination in the clinic in the future.