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Alumni updates for November 6, 2019   Onur Dagliya … Continued

Jeanie VanWinkle Looks Back – Interview with 1967 Alumna

Two alumni sitting at a table over dinner Jeanie VanWinkle PhD and Barry VanWinkle PhD This photo taken in 2017 on Barry's birthday

The Ph.D. has given me opportunities I would never have had, particularly providing a look into the collaborative efforts to determine scientific goals in fighting disease and the unanimous demand for integrity in the process.

1996 Alumni Update Gene Godbold PhD contributes to FunGCAT for the IARPA

photo of Gene Godbold PhD

Working as a contractor at Signature Science, he has developed ways to assess the threat of biological sequences so they can be grasped with machine learning

2011 Alumni Update Michael D. Johnson receives MIRA R35 grant

photo of Michael D .L. Johnson PhD 2011 Alumnus cropped

Dr. Johnson just received a MIRA R35 grant for 1.8 million dollars from NIGMS entitled “Elucidating the orchestrated bacterial response to copper toxicity.”

Dr. Mary Sue Coleman delivered The Thomas Willis Lambeth Lecture on Nov. 29

speaker photo of Dr. Mary Sure Coleman Thomas Willis Lambeth Lecture 2018

Dr. Mary Sue Coleman spoke at UNC on “The Educated Citizenry: An Endangered Species?”

Thomas Wong Alumni in the News for his support of UNC Scholarships

photo of Thomas Wong Alumnus

Thomas and Sandy credit their fulfilling careers to the education they received at UNC-Chapel Hill. To show their appreciation, they have a long history of sharing their time and talents to support Carolina.

Alumni Seth Zimmerman Awarded 2017 JCS Prize

photo of Seth Zimmerman alumni Kuhlman lab

The winner of the 2017 Journal of Cell Science (JCS) Pr … Continued

An Epigenetic First: researchers pinpoint protein’s role in key biological process

Joe Harrison, PhD

UNC researchers help piece together how the key players in DNA methylation work together during gene regulation, a key finding needed to develop better therapies.

Stephani Page featured on cover of ASBMB Today

photo cover courtesy of ASBMB

In the September 2016 issue of ASBMB Today, postdoc in the Dohlman lab, Stephani Page (and dept graduate alum) was featured in the cover article for a piece on scientists active on social media.

Alumni Mike Whitfield receives $1 million grant for his research

Michael Whitfield, PhD

Michael Whitfield, PhD, a graduate alum who trained in the lab of Dr. William Marzluff has received a $1 million transformational award to study the autoimmune disease systemic scleroderma.