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CWHR prefers that a Request for Study Support be submitted at least three months (12 weeks) in advance of the submission due date. Our preference for sub-awards and sub-contracts is that we have a four week lead time. This allows one-week, up front, to coordinate services, as well as one-week at the end to route proposals through RAMSeS.

CWHR will generate a timeline and discuss it with you; at the same time we will agree on what Center services you will be using. CWHR personnel will recap the conversation and revise the timeline per the conversation, send you the revised timeline, and enter the dates in the CWHR work queue.

Exception to the three month notification: We recognize that some announcements are released with less than a three month window for response; if you have fewer than three months to respond, we will follow the same process as outlined above. Following the discussion on the timeline and critical dates, if you commit to meeting the deadlines discussed, we will be happy to work with you. As you are working on your proposal, if you decide to change your submission date, please notify CWHR.

We will notify you immediately if we do not feel we’re able to meet your timeframe.