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Below you will find directions and forms to apply for the CCCDP grant. The CCCDP grant covers hearing-related care and devices for children in North Carolina.

Please call or email for any questions concerning grant applications:

DownloadGrant Application for COCHLEAR IMPLANTS-Spanish

DownloadCCCDP Renewal FORM – Spanish Version


  1. Talk with your child’s audiologist to see if he or she participates in the Carolina Children’s Communicative Disorders Financial Assistance Program. If your audiologist has any questions, they are welcome to contact our Director, Hannah Eskridge, at
    1. Applications to enroll in the grant can be accessed online by clicking on the links above. Note there are separate applications for Hearing Aid Assistance and Cochlear Implant Assistance. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and download each file. The following supporting documentation must be included:
    2. Federal Tax forms (signed)
    3. NC State Tax forms (signed)
    4. If you did not file taxes last year, please contact Erika Gagnon for further application information.
  2. The forms must be filled out entirely and mailed or faxed with supporting documentation to the CCCDP at:

5501 Fortunes Ridge Dr., Suite A
Attn: Erika Gagnon
Durham, NC 27713

  1. Once financial eligibility has been determined, the clinic will contact you to set up an appointment to verify eligibility. You will only have to visit our clinic once.
  2. After our physicians have provided medical clearance, CCCDP will contact your child’s audiologist to formally approve the hearing aids.
  3. Your fitting audiologist will order and fit the hearing aids and earmolds. All of your follow-up appointments will be with your local care providers.
  4. You will be contacted with renewal information each year.

Interested parties should contact  Erika Gagnon by phone (919-419-1449), fax (919-419-1399), or letter. Applications can be opened online by clicking on the links above, but should be mailed in with accompanying financial information.

Physicians, audiologists, speech pathologists, and other professionals are encouraged to contact us if they have further questions regarding patient qualifications or program benefits. We encourage the referral of all patients who are unable to obtain necessary hearing technology or services due to limited financial resources.

After the patient has been approved and evaluated by the CCCDP staff, your established local audiologist will order the necessary devices. For hearing aid patients, these devices are shipped directly to the referring audiologist for disbursement to the patient. The referring audiologist will follow-up with the patient and provide continuity of care.