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At the Children’s Cochlear Implant Center at UNC we believe in maximizing hearing access to optimize the communication potential for all children with hearing loss.

We believe in empowering parents to be their child’s primary teachers and advocates.

We believe in coaching professionals in the skills and knowledge to serve children with hearing loss.

We believe in a team approach to teaching children with hearing loss to listen and talk.

We are staffed by 6 full time Listening and Spoken Language certified speech and language pathologists, including a bilingual (Spanish-English) therapist and therapists proficient in Cued Language and Signed Exact English. We feature individualized therapy for children and adults with all levels of hearing loss, offering both in-person and tele-therapy opportunities via the REACH program. Cochlear implant patients under age 3 are seen in a co-treating environment, where speech therapists are part of the audiology visit, allowing audiologists, therapists, and parents to work together towards communication goals. Ensuring that habilitation has been optimized by working closely with a child’s local team of early interventionists and educators is also a cornerstone of our intervention philosophy.