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“I wouldn’t be me without [cochlear implants]. I have certainly had an emotional journey, but I am grateful to have been able to live without many accommodations. I have been able to succeed both in and out of school. I learned that being deaf is what makes me wonderfully unique. I love to laugh and enjoy life. I have always used hearing and speech to communicate, but over the last few years I have taken classes in ASL and now use that to make deaf/hh friends. Now I am part of two cultures: hearing and deaf.” ~Chloe, age 18

Chloe, age 18
Chloe as a toddler
  • Now a senior in high school, Chloe has her sights set on attending college and majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders with the hopes of someday, becoming an audiologist.
  • Involved in Girl Scouts; she has earned her Bronze and Silver award and is working towards her Gold award.
  • Enjoys reading and writing.
  • Holds a part-time job while keeping up with school and other extracurricular activities.
  • Loves to listen to music; “It is an escape from the real world and it inspires me.”
  • Decided to learn sign language, while in high school, so she could communicate with other Deaf students in her school who do not use spoken language. She is the founder and president of her school’s ASL Club.