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“She had the world opened up to her in a way that would not have been possible. Even with Mondini (malformation), she has excelled and her love of communication propels her forward. She is extremely social and wants to  know everything that is happening around her. Watching her grow and acquire language has been one of the most amazing miracles. Cued Speech was the key for her in the academic setting. She went from being a struggling student to “A” Honor Roll. We also use Cued Speech in the home when spoken language is not clear enough. ~ Marie, mother of Mercy Anne

Mercy Anne in 6th grade
Mercy Anne in Preschool

Mercy Anne received her CI in Holland at 17-months of age. When her family relocated to North Carolina, she was enrolled in pre-k at CASTLE where she and her parents participated in auditory-based therapy. Now a 6th grade student, Mercy Anne enjoys basketball, taekwondo, shopping and acting. She continues to receive educational support services through her local school system, including using a Cued Speech transliterator in class.