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“We were introduced to The Children’s Cochlear Implant Center in February 2007 a few months after our daughter, Isabella had turned 3. At that time she communicated with ASL and had no spoken language. The dedicated staff and faculty worked tirelessly with her and us. They helped us create the opportunity for and navigate all procedures afterwards for 2 cochlear implants. She received the first one when she was a little over 3 and the other one when she was five. We would were able to work on milestones of sound and speech at home because of all the detailed goals we received daily and the constant support from the teachers, speech therapists, and audiologists. Everyone truly works as team there and consistently reminds parents that the parent is the best teacher. Thank you for giving us the skills and patience and knowledge of how to teach our daughter how to use spoken language…. Isabella has come soooooo far and your program is a big piece in that puzzle of her success!” ~Melody, Isabella’s mom

Isabella at age 12
Isabella at age 3

Isabella received her first cochlear implant at age 3 and her second at age 5. She attended pre-k at CASTLE where she developed listening and spoken language skills through the use of Cued Speech. Now at the age of 12, she is a 5th grade student at a local school and is part of the Academically or Intellectually Gifted (AIG) program. She excels in sports and loves swimming, basketball and soccer.