Living Life Well is a free 6-week class for individuals who are interested in learning mindfulness strategies to promote overall health and wellbeing.

Living Life Well

What is mindfulness?

Stress and pain are unavoidable facts of life. Mindfulness is an approach to cultivate inner resources to deal with stress, pain and illness. Mindfulness is for people who want to be more fully aware, improve their overall quality of life, be happier and live life to the fullest. Mindfulness is about being fully aware of whatever is happening in the present moment, without filters or the lens of judgment. Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to experience.

There is strong evidence that mindfulness practice can help people with:

  • Stress reduction
  • Chronic pain
  • Heart disease & high blood pressure
  • Headaches
  • Sleep problems
  • Anxiety & depression

Upcoming Classes at the UNC Family Medicine Center:

Wednesdays: 12:00-1:30pm

July 10th-August 14th, 2019

UNC Family Medicine Center – 590 Manning Drive, Chapel Hill

Additional classes will be added soon! Interested individuals may also indicate their interest in being contacted for a future class by registering and selecting “interested in a future class” as their preferred “class.”

Participants will receive a free program workbook and CD with mindfulness practice recordings. To register, please call: 984-974-4975 or register online.