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Having health insurance is important to your health so don’t delay! Compare health insurance plans on the ACA website. Dates for the COVID-19 Special Enrollment Period are February 15, 2021 through May 15, 2021.  Visit for more information.


Think you can’t afford it?

If you meet the income levels, you may get financial help paying for your plan, and you cannot be denied coverage if you have any existing health conditions. Last year, more than 92% of people in North Carolina who enrolled in the marketplace got financial help.

As you consider which plan meets your needs, please keep in mind things that are important to you.

  • Does the plan you are considering cover any medications you may be taking?
  • How much are the copays? How much is your deductible?
  • Does your doctor participates in the plan?

If you chose a plan last year, remember to go to the website this year not only to update your information but to look at any new plans that are offered. The plan selections can change from year to year.

Do you want free help from a certified counselor at UNC Family Medicine?

We are here to help! Call Tim Smith at 919-545-3440 to schedule a time, or select here.

For your appointment you will need:

  • Social Security Numbers for every household member OR document numbers for documented immigrants
  •  Employer and income information for every person applying for health coverage
  • Pay stubs OR W-2 forms
  • Insurance policy numbers for any household member who already have health insurance
  • If a household member qualifies for health insurance through their job, fill out the Employer Coverage Tool form here.
  • If you enrolled last year then bring any letters you have received either from your carrier or the government to the visit

To learn more about enrolling in a plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace website ( click this link for an informational video:

Do you want to get free help outside of UNC FM?

Legal Aid of North Carolina: to schedule an appointment with a navigator statewide call 855-733-3711  or do it online here.

Hours: Mondays and Thursdays   5pm-8pm
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays  9am-5pm

Community Events

For a calendar of events across North Carolina, please visit this website. 

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