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Over the past three years, 98.5 percent of the students admitted to the MS program have completed their program.
Over the past three years 100 percent of those graduates in our MS program who have desired to work have been employed.
It is not necessary that you have a background, or degree, in Speech and Hearing Sciences. However, you are strongly encouraged to complete as many of the pre-requisites as possible before applying. Please submit an “enrollment verification” of the prerequisite courses that are currently in progress and describe your strategy for completing the rest of your coursework in the “essay questions” section of the application. You are not required to have all pre-requisites completed before you apply. However, you must have them all completed before entering the program.
Completion of pre-requisite coursework at any accredited university is acceptable including community colleges. There are online programs available: Utah State University, The University of Alaska, and Appalachian State are a few.
The minimum GPA is 3.0, although those admitted into the program typically have higher GPAs. The average GPA ranges from 3.5 to 3.9.
Yes. The admissions committee also considers how your recommenders rated you on your letter of recommendations. You must submit three letters of recommendation; two must be from professors who know your academic work best. If you have been out of school for a while, it is helpful to make yourself known to the professors in your pre-requisite classes.

Our program will not be requiring the GRE for this current application cycle.

We realize some of you may have already taken the GRE, in anticipation of applying to graduate schools this coming academic year; other programs you are applying to may still require it. Please know that if you already took the GRE and requested the scores be sent to UNC, we will not be looking at them, and they will not be factored into admissions decisions for this current application cycle.


Submission of letters of recommendation to CSDCAS is electronic and they upload directly to your application.


You will not be required to submit a personal statement. There are five essay questions that should each have a response of approximately 300 words (2000 characters).

The basis for consideration of scholarships and need-based financial aid from the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences for admitted students is their FAFSA information. Please fill the form out and submit it as soon as the application becomes available (code 002974). Parental financial information is not taken into account for graduate students. Other schools may ask for parental data for graduate funding but UNC-CH will not review it. If awarded a scholarship or grant, admitted students will receive notification from the Division of Speech and Hearing and/or the Graduate School. During the review process, supplemental information may be required. The MS program does not offer teaching assistantships, as there is no undergraduate major in speech-language pathology.

Letters go out via email in early March and applicants will have until April 15 to notify the graduate school of their decision.

Due to the large volume of requests, we are unable to conduct individual tours or interviews. We do, however, offer information sessions for prospective students. Attendance at information sessions does not enhance a student’s application nor penalize students who are unable to come to UNC.

Register for upcoming sessions

If you are interested in chatting with or meeting any of our current students while you are in the area on an unscheduled day, please contact

We do not have an onsite clinic. We are proud to offer a wide range of clinical opportunities at medical, educational, and private practice settings. UNC Hospitals, UNC Dental School’s Craniofacial Center, UNC Center for Development and Learning, the Veterans Administration Hospital, the UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center, augmentative communication classrooms, area classrooms for children with speech, language, and hearing disorders, and local private practices in speech pathology are just a few examples.

All international applicants must submit acceptable, official TOEFL scores (reported directly from ETS). We accept no other English Language tests.

Standardized test scores must be official and are reportable for a period of two years from the date of the exam. Exam results more than two years old cannot be considered. Standardized test scores that are submitted to this institution are kept on file for only one year.

When you register for any tests, you should indicate the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Graduate School as a score recipient. If you did not specify the UNC-Chapel Hill Graduate School (code 5816) as a score recipient at the time of taking the test, you must promptly ask to send your scores to us. While photocopies of score reports are useful for informal evaluation, the official report of your scores must arrive before final review and admission can be offered.

Applicants who may qualify for an exception to the English Standardized exams:

Those from countries where English is the SOLE OFFICIAL language of instruction (Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Canada-except Québec, England, Ghana, Ireland, India, Jamaica, Kenya, New Zealand, Nigeria, Scotland, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad, Tobago, Uganda, and Wales)

The required minimum total score on the exams are:

The paper-based TOEFL exam = 590

The internet-based TOEFL exam = 100 with a minimum speaking score of 24