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University Merit Scholarship Program

The Merit Scholarship program is a University-wide competitive program. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit. Applicants admitted to the program with superior GPA, GRE scores, letters of recommendation, and leadership potential will be nominated by the admissions committee for the award. No other information is required. If the applicant is awarded the scholarship, the Graduate School will notify the applicant of their admission and their award.

DSHS Stipends

Funding opportunities are dependent upon the availability of external funding within the DSHS for any given year. The level of funding per student varies depending on the source and the amount of the grant. All applicants who have been admitted to the UNC Graduate School will be notified, by the division, of funding opportunities as they arise. Some will be awarded based on merit and scholarship.

Department of Allied Health Sciences (DAHS) Scholarship Program

Please complete and submit the Allied Health Sciences departmental scholarship application after you have been admitted and have accepted our offer of admission. Please submit your FAFSA beginning January 1. This will also make it possible for us to notify you about financial award information as close to the date of receiving your offer of admissions as possible.

Allcott Fellowship

The Allcott Fellowship is a one-time, competitive award given to a student who demonstrates outstanding community service.

Financial Aid

Applicants needing information about financial aid should also consult the Graduate School and links to the appropriate sites for this information. For all applicants interested in applying for scholarships or financial aid, application procedures and time lines specified by the Graduate School must be strictly followed. Work-study assistantships are also available through the University and are based on financial need.