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UNC School of Medicine – Office of Information Systems

User Agreement and Acceptable Usage Policy for UNC School of Medicine HeelStream

Effective September 23, 2015

Acceptance of Agreement

HeelStream is a media management service provided by the UNC School of Medicine Office of Information Systems (OIS). This agreement governs the use of the HeelStream application, and is in place to ensure compliance with all applicable University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill (UNC) security policies and standards.

ANY USER SIGNING INTO HEELSTREAM OR UPLOADING CONTENT WILL BE ASSUMED TO UNDERSTAND AND AGREE WITH THIS USER AGREEMENT AND ACCEPTABLE USAGE POLICY. Any user who does not understand or agree with the policy should not login to the system. For clarification of policies, please contact Instructional Media Services (IMS) at

Updates to Agreement

OIS may update this user agreement at any time to reflect its organizational needs. Updates to user agreements and the effective date will be communicated in advance of the effective date by the following methods:

  1. E-Mail communication to primary and secondary contacts for user accounts and content on the system. This e-mail will also direct the primary and secondary contacts to forward information to those that they have requested to be contributors.
  2. Notice on the main login page.
  3. Notice on the default library page upon login.

Any user logging into the system on or after the revised effective date will be assumed to understand and agree with the updated User Agreement.

Service Description

HeelStream is an application provided by OIS for the UNC School of Medicine.

Services to be provided include:

  1. A video content management server for hosting, storage, and delivery of client-created digital video and audio content.
  2. Creation of user accounts and libraries for managing and publishing content.
  3. Access to upload site for uploading video and audio files (e.g. .mov, .mp4, .mp3).
  4. Storage space up to 200GB per group/individual user libraries, with a maximum upload limit of 20GB per original file.
  5. Training for content management and security.
  6. Security controls to protect all client data in compliance with all applicable UNC security policies and procedures.

While other functionality may be possible within this platform, OIS only directly supports functions that allow users to make use of the above services in its most basic form.

Acceptable Usage Policy

  1. Use of HeelStream is for the purpose of university business only.
  2. User will not upload any content that is in violation of state or federal laws or UNC policies.
  3. User must obtain consent from the appropriate parties before uploading any content containing sensitive data (e.g. protected health information, intellectual property, copyright material).
  4. Any protected content uploaded must have proper security applied (e.g. requires authentication and authorization for viewing) unless the user has obtained written consent from the appropriate parties that specifically allows for public viewing or downloading.
  5. User agrees to comply with all applicable UNC security policies and procedures.

User Responsibility

Users with access to upload content to a library on HeelStream have a shared responsibility to ensure that the content complies with the above Acceptable Usage Policy.

  1. A user [referred to as “requestor” or “primary contact”] requesting a library is required to attend training, including review of this user agreement and user responsibilities, before being given access to the system.
  2. The requestor must relay these responsibilities to all new users to whom they grant access to their library, including contributors and anyone they identify as the library’s secondary contact.
  3. OIS will not assume responsibility for content that is reported to be in violation of any aforementioned policies or laws. Content will be removed and appropriate action will be taken, including but not limited to:
    1. Reporting the incident to the HIPAA security officer, if applicable.
    2. Reporting the incident to university ITS, if applicable.
    3. Reporting the incident to the police, if applicable.
    4. Termination of service and deletion of all content in the group and/or individual libraries, if applicable.
    5. Other appropriate actions determined by OIS management.
    6. OIS will not assume responsibility for the misuse of content. When presenting content through HeelStream (embedding or providing a link to the content), it is the user’s responsibility to identify any use restrictions.

Content Retention Policy

Typically, content should not remain on HeelStream in excess of seven years.

  1. Annually, IMS will contact the primary and secondary library contacts with a reminder of this policy and a listing of content, the time it has resided on the server, and the last time the content was accessed to recommend the deletion of unnecessary content.
  2. At seven years, notice will be provided to the client, and content that has not been recently accessed will be deleted.
  • Content that has records of recent regular access will be retained with approval of OIS management.
  • Requests by the client to retain longer will also be reviewed based on their reasons and use cases.

Limitation of Liability

OIS will have no liability or responsibility in the event of any loss or interruption of the services and/or media content described within this agreement due to causes beyond its reasonable control or ability to foresee. Clients are responsible for maintaining their own archive of media content to preserve original files and be able to restore their content in case of any loss.

Denial or Termination of Service

While generally available to all UNC School of Medicine affiliates, the following are potential conditions that may require the denial or termination of service on HeelStream.

Denial of service will be at the discretion of OIS Management based on the following:

  • The intended use of the service by the client is not for university business.
  • The intended use of the service by the client causes a situation where OIS resources are overwhelmed technically, in terms of necessary staffing or otherwise.
  • The intended use of the service by the client does not match the services that OIS is approved to support.
  • The client has not followed through with the proper procedure for requesting the necessary service.
  • The client has been previously found to be in violation of any IT policy within the university such that the action could be repeated.
  • Any other reason agreed to be appropriate by OIS management.

Termination of service will be at the discretion of OIS management based on the following:

  • Violation of the effective User Agreement or any Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place.
  • It has been determined that the client’s use of the service is matching circumstances that would have ordinarily caused a denial of service.
  • The client’s use of the service is directly causing a negative impact on the quality of service for other users.
  • Any other reason agreed to be appropriate by OIS management.


  1. Reference material (tutorial videos, manuals) are available on the HeelStream support site at
  2. Users can request support for the HeelStream system by contacting Instructional Media Services at
  3. Users integrating videos into webpages on the School of Medicine website/content management system should contact the Web Design and Development team at
  4. Users requiring security groups may use the “Security Group Request Form” at

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