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Specialty Areas

Airway Epithelial Stem Cells, Airway Innate Immunity and Response to Injury, mRNA regulation

Research Focus

Identification of airway epithelial stem cells. Dr. Randell’s goals are to identify and isolate airway epithelial stem cells and to understand molecular mechanisms regulating airway epithelial cell proliferation and fate decisions.Research in Dr. Randell’s laboratory is currently focused on five areas where a greater knowledge of basic cell biology can be applied towards overcoming clinical lung disease problems:

  • Micro RNA Regulation of Human Airway Epithelial Phenotype- ARRA Award. The Randell Laboratory comprehensively determines the miRNA repertoire of human airway epithelial cells will tests the ability of miRNAs to alter cell structure and function. These studies will create a valuable database and will suggest novel treatments for lung disease.
  • Innate immunity in the airway. Dr Randell aims to better understand molecular mechanisms regulating airway epithelial adaptation to injury and chronic infection and to understand the relationship of adaptation to the pathogenesis of airway disease.
  • Post-lung transplant ischemia reperfusion injury and bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome. The Randell Laboratory is also examining basic mechanisms of lung injury relevant to transplantation and bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome, the leading cause of lung allograft failure.
  • Dr. Scott Randell also directs the UNC Marsico Lung Institute (MLI) Tissue Procurement and Cell Culture Core, which provides primary and passaged human airway and alveolar epithelial cells, lung microvascular endothelial cells, media and expertise to UNC MLI investigators and collaborators. Our facility has become a nationally and internationally recognized resource whose services are sought for collaboration, contract research, and training by academics, non-profit organizations, biotech and the pharmaceutical industry.
Figure 1. X-Y plane confocal microscopy of cultured human airway epithelial cells expressing green and red fluorescent protein.
Figure 1. X-Y plane confocal microscopy of cultured human airway epithelial cells expressing green and red fluorescent protein.
Figure 2. Human bronchial epithelial cells in culture, fixed with perflurocarbon OsO4 and prepared for high resolution light microscopy.
Figure 2. Human bronchial epithelial cells in culture, fixed with perflurocarbon OsO4 and prepared for high resolution light microscopy.
Figure 3. Frozen section of a human cystic fibrosis airway excised during lung transplantation, stained for mucus. Note the adhesion between the mucus in the lumen and the airway wall.
Figure 3. Frozen section of a human cystic fibrosis airway excised during lung transplantation, stained for mucus. Note the adhesion between the mucus in the lumen and the airway wall.


Teresa Mascenik

Teresa Mascenik
Research Specialist

Tuong Nguyen

Tuong Nguyen
Research Technician

Rhianna Lee

Rhianna Lee
Research Collaborator

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Scott Randell, PhD