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  • Resident – Child Neurology Residency Program

Luke received his medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine. He also received a BA in English and biology from BU. Luke is interested in neurodevelopmental disorders, public health, TBI and neurocritical care. He focused his undergraduate English studies on oral tradition and enjoys observing the vast differences in how two patients might explain the same symptoms, and reflects on ways he might tailor his interview style to establish their trust and build their medical literacy.

Luke likes to tinker with tech, design, and programming, and has used these skills for designing and building sets for plays and dabbling in 3D. He also enjoys anything that puts him outside in a new place including bicycling, camping, farming and traveling. He chose UNC because of its reputation for excellence in comprehensive care, its strong advocacy for vulnerable patient populations, and the friendliness of everybody here.

Luke Quehl, MD