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Chair, Department of Neurology

Gwenn Garden, MD, PhD


Gwenn Garden, MD, PhD

Chair, Neurology

Vice Chairs


Nina Browner


Nina M. Browner, MD

Vice Chair, Education

  • Quality assurance of all educational programs
  • Organize the structure and coordination of neurology educational programs from undergraduate through graduate medical education and increase access to such programs
  • Advocate and promote visibility of education within and outside the Department of Neurology
  • Oversee educational mentoring within the department

Vinay Chaudhry, MD

Vinay Chaudhry, MD

Vice Chair, Faculty Affairs

  • Support and guide neurology faculty with promotion and tenure procedures in different scholarship tracks including requirements to contribute to teaching, diversity, equity, inclusion, research, and professional service missions of UNC School of Medicine.
  • Provide resources and access to professional development training and coaching to promote faculty advance in their work as clinicians, researchers, educators, and leaders.
  • Facilitate appropriate mentee-mentorship relationships and annual evaluations designed to help with career management, career satisfaction, and collegial networking.

Suzette LaRoche, MD

Suzette LaRoche, MD

Vice Chair, Community Partnerships

  • Improve health equity for patients with neurological disease across the state of North Carolina with a focus on expanding access to subspecialty care.
  • Create continuing education opportunities for primary care and general neurology providers on diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases and offer opportunities for patient co-management.
  • Foster research collaborations to evaluate health disparities in neurological care and create infrastructure to allow patients throughout North Carolina access to participation in clinical trials.

Casey Olm-Shipman, MD, MS

Casey Olm-Shipman, MD, MS

Vice Chair, Quality Improvement & Interim Service Line Leader

  • Implement quality improvement initiatives to improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities for neurology patients across North Carolina.
  • Foster collaborations to enhance the delivery of high value care to neurology patients across UNC Health
  • Develop infrastructure to reduce medical errors and ensure that UNC Health neurology patients receive the safest care possible
  • Collaborates with UNCMC Administration, CMO, and UNC Health leaders on policies and procedures.
  • Promotes efforts to forward the clinical mission of the Neurology service.

Daniel Roque, MD

Vice Chair, Ambulatory Affairs

  • Heads the operational development and management of UNC Neurology’s multiple outpatient clinics.
  • Leads team of ambulatory physician leaders and staff to pursue highest standards of quality care, access to care, and service to the community cared for by our providers.
  • Promotes integrated services to improve outcomes and efficiencies in outpatient care for neurological diagnoses
  • Interfaces with hospital leadership to develop best practices which offer more rapid, outpatient neurological evaluations and care coordination that may reduce the burden to emergency room visits and admissions facing our US healthcare systems

Soma Sengupta, MD, PhD, MBA, FRCP, FAAN, FANA

Vice Chair, Inclusive Excellence & Community Engagement

Support departmental trainees, staff, faculty, and leadership efforts in fostering a diverse and inclusive professional environment.

  • Organize activities that foster diversity, inclusivity, and community such as grand rounds, the DEI book club to foster wellness and reduce burnout for residents, fellows and medical students are welcome.
  • Continued departmental engagement of SOM programs that foster diversity and inclusivity such as STHAR, Carolina First Look, etc.
  • International collaborations for fellows to help with global research initiatives.

Vice Chair of Philanthropic Endeavors

Supports faculty to work with development to identify potential donors and/or work with donors.

  • Organization of the Weatherspoon Mini-Symposium.
  • Assist faculty in listening and organizing talks to potential donors.
  • Discussing with faculty regarding donor funds as to how to strategize what programs to develop within their divisions.

Yen-Yu Ian Shih, PhD

Yen-Yu Ian Shih, PhD

Vice Chair, Research

  • Promote overall research output and quality of science by providing access to cutting-edge neurotechnologies and strengthening collaborations.
  • Support faculty and trainees in research career development and ensure equity for all researchers.
  • Lead basic and clinical research committees to make relevant policies, strategic plans, and resource investments.