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  • Resident – Adult Neurology Residency Program

Hometown: Boston, MA

Medical School: Boston University

Area of Interest in Neurology: Stroke, Neurocritical, Neurointerventional

Hobbies: Rock climbing, blacksmithing, Ultimate Frisbee, tabletop/board/video games, playing music

Why I Chose UNC: Why I chose UNC Neurology: I had initially known very little about North Carolina but was very interested in the region because I had a strong network of friends and family who had settled in the area. All of these people, and particularly those of my colleagues in the medical field, had nothing but effusive praise for the quality of care, the mission, and the people at UNC. From my time interviewing with UNC (and even more so now that I’m here) I feel like I couldn’t agree more on all fronts! Our curriculum is constructed to emphasize both deep mastery and broad exposure to a variety of medical and neurological disciplines, the hospital is dedicated to providing exceptional care to patients from all backgrounds, and the people are genuinely, wholeheartedly invested in how you are doing and how they can support your goals.

Ray Jhun, MD