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Congratulations to our new PhD, Peyton Sandroni!

June 28, 2023

Dr. Sandroni, of Brian Jensen’s Lab, successfully defended his PhD thesis, “The Alpha-1A Adrenergic Receptor Regulates Oxidative Metabolism in the Mouse Heart” on June 26.

Welcome to our new Pharmacology Graduate Students!

May 24, 2023

We’re absolutely thrilled to have these amazing budding scientists join our vibrant community! Let’s embark on this journey together! Updated 6/12 to include 3 more students who have joined Pharmacology!

Congratulations to our new PhD, Jeffrey DiBerto!

February 3, 2023

Dr. DiBerto successfully defended his thesis, “Discovery Campaigns for Pharmacologically Unique Agonists at the Mu-Opioid and 5-Hydroxytryptamine 2A Receptors on Jan. 19.”