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Professor of Radiology Director - Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Research Program


Doctorate: University of Virginia
Post-Doctorate: Stanford University
Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford (MIPS)

Dr. Li’s research focuses on the development and validation of novel radiolabeling methods and multimodality molecular imaging probes for visualization and quantification of various molecular targets related to neuro, cardiac, diabetes, and cancer research. Radiochemistry is the central, ongoing focus of Dr. Li’s research. He has obtained comprehensive experience with various radioisotopes, including 11C, 18F and 64Cu and has a broad background on radiochemistry, organic chemistry, multimodality molecular imaging, nano-medicine, and translational research. He additionally has extensive experience on process optimization in order to produce clinically translatable radiopharmaceuticals, as well as over 10 years of experience on producing high quality radiotracers for human research application under cGMP conditions.


To view a list of Dr. Li’s publications, click here.

Visit Dr. Li’s lab to learn more on his team’s work in radiochemistry and developing imaging probes and therapeutic approaches for various diseases.

Zibo Li headshot