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The Biomedical Research Imaging Center will provide facilities and imaging tools for studies on targets ranging from cells to animals and humans in multiple modalities.

BRIC Goals

The Biomedical Research Imaging Center was established under the recommendation of a Task Force convened by the Provost of UNC-Chapel Hill and the Dean of the School of Medicine. The Center was planned with dual missions: To serve the imaging needs of the researchers of the University, and to advance the rapidly developing science of biomedical imaging.

Increasing numbers of researchers in Schools and Colleges at UNC-Chapel Hill investigate biological processes in humans and animals in order to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases. Their efforts will be enhanced by new and expanded bio-imaging research capabilities. The UNC BRIC will focus on assisting these efforts.


PHOTOS: The BRIC’s Radiochemistry Lab is led by Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Research Program Director¬†Zibo Li, PhD, (L) and Radiopharmacy and Quality Management Director¬†Eric Smith, PharmD (R).