Grad student Alka Das receives her PhD

Alka successfully defended his dissertation and received her PhD on April 7, 2016.

Grad student Alka Das receives her PhD click to enlarge Alka Das, PhD

Alka was a graduate student in the lab of Kevin Slep and her research focused on elucidating the mechanism of the Che-12-dependent ciliogenesis through in vivo, biochemical and structural analysis. Alka received her Master of Technology in Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in India. She was a 2008 DAAD Scholar working on a research project funded by the German Academic Exchange Program before joining UNC in 2010. She also received a 2012 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator's International Fellowship. 

Alka successfully defended her dissertation and received her Ph.D. on April 7, 2016. She will begin her postdoctoral studies immediately.