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Four Biochemistry and Biophysics graduate students have received Prestigious External Fellowships. Congrats to Abigail, Dalia, Dillon, and Anna!


Abigail Ballard
Abby Ballard

Abigail Ballard, NIH Fellowship (F31) – National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute 

Dalia Fleifel
Dalia Fleifel

Dalia Fleifel, American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship 

Dillon Sloan in blue sweatshirt in lab
Dillon Sloan

Dillon Sloan, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science 

Anna Wheless standing outside
Anna Wheless

Anna Wheless, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program 

External fellowships, which are highly competitive awards from the federal government and other organizations, add to Carolina’s reputation as one of the world’s leading public research universities. This academic year, 279 graduate students campus-wide, who represent 42 academic programs, received prestigious external fellowships. — The Graduate School