Biophysics Track Degree Requirements

  • Fulfill departmental requirements
  • For TA opportunities

serve one semester as a teaching assistant in Biophysics modules

COURSE REQUIREMENTS - (term, # of credit hours in parentheses)

Complete 9 Credit hours from the core course options listed below:

  • BIOC 649 Essentials of Macromolecular Science: Review basic principles of chemical & computational science, led by faculty/students (Fall, 1.5)
  • BIOC 650 Basic Principles: From basic models to collections of macromolecules (Fall, 1.5) - Prerequisite BIOC 649
  • BIOC 651 Macromolecular Equilibria: Conformation change and binding (Fall, 1.5)
  • BIOC 652 Macromolecular Structure & Dynamics (Spring, 1.5)

Choose three from these modules to 1 additional core:

Biophysics Program Modules

BIOC 660 Imaging (Spring, 1)
BIOC 662 Macromolecular Interactions (Spring, 1)
BIOC 663A and 663B Macromolecular NMR and Theory (Spring, 1 ea)
BIOC 664 Macromolecular Spectroscopy: Principles and Applications (Spring, 1)
BIOC 665 Advanced NMR (Spring, 1)
BIOC 666 X-ray Crystallography of Macromolecules (Spring, 1)
BIOC 667 Macromolecular Crystallographic Methods (Spring, 1)
BIOC 670 Structural Bioinformatics (Spring, 1)
BIOC 673 Proteomics, Protein Identification & Characterization by Mass Spec. (Spring, 1)
BIOC 674 Ion Channels Transporters (Spring, 1)

Complete one course (minimum of one credit hour) from the options listed below:

  • Choose from any graduate-level course in a discipline supportive of biomedical research training, excluding the Biophysics track and Departmental core courses, and including
  • Molecular & Cell Biology
    BIOC 631 Advanced Molecular Biology I (Fall, 3)
    BIOC 632 Advanced Molecular Biology II (Spring, 3)
    BIOC 706 Biochemistry of Human Disease (Fall, 3)
  • OR choose from these modules:
    BIOC 740-745 Contemporary Topics in Cell Signaling (Spring, 1) *740-742 offered in odd years and 743-745 in even years

More information on the Graduate School's Ph.D. Degree Requirements and Admission to Candidacy can be found in the Graduate School Handbook.