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  • Causal Inference and Experiment Design in Two-sided market [slides; 2023]
  • Biobank-Scale Brain Imaging Genetics: Clinical and Methodological Advances [slides; 2021@UNC]
  • Genetic Structures of Human Brain: Opportunities, Challenges, and Newest Results: [by Prof. Hongtu Zhu; video1h16m in Chinese; 2021]
  • Theories, Applications, and Challenges of Two-Sided Market [by Prof. Hongtu Zhu; video 2h54m in Chinese; 2020]
  • Data Product Development [by Prof. Hongtu Zhu, Chief Statistician at Didi; video 33s in Chinese; 2020]
  • Some Thoughts in Data Product Development [by Prof. Hongtu Zhu, Chief Statistician at Didi; video 1h11m in Chinese; 2020]
  • Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategies for Statistics in Large-Scale Medical Studies [slides; 2017@UNC]
  • Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategies for Functional Data Analysis [video 46m; 2017@Banff]
  • Statistical Analysis of Shape Data in Large-scale Medical Studies [slides; 2017@Rice]
  • Functional Analysis of Large-scale Neuroimaging and Genetic Data [slides; 2016@USC]
  • Big Data Challenges in Neuroscience and Neuroimaging Studies [slides; 2015@JSM]
  • Big Data Integration in Biomedical Studies: A Few Personal Views and Experiences [slides]
  • Functional Structural Equation Models for Twin Functional Data [video 30m; 2015@Banff]
  • Functional Data Analysis of Big Neuroimaging Data [slides; 2014@Banff]
  • Spatial and Adaptive Models for Neuroimaging Data [slides]
  • Statistical Analysis of Neuroimaging Data [slides; 2012]
  • A General Framework for Model Diagnostics: Diagnostic Measures and Influence Analysis [slides]
  • Emerging Issues for Neuroimaging Statistics and Statisticians [slides; 2011@ENAR]
  • FADTTS: Functional Analysis of Diffusion Tensor Tract Statistics [slides]
  • Intrinsic Semiparametric and Nonparametric Models for Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices [slides]
  • Statistical Issues in Imaging Studies [slides; 2010]