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lab setting with students on left side

We welcomed 19 winter rotation students to our faculty-affiliated labs.

  • Maria Camila Arango (Starbird lab to Kuhlman lab) 
  • Johnna Bingham (Starbird lab to Strahl lab) 
  • Kaitlin Bridges (Zhang lab) 
  • Brandon Clarke (Redibo lab) 
  • Alyaa Dawoud (Ramsden lab) 
  • Jamie Do (Berlow lab to McGinty lab) 
  • Caleb Fisher (Baker lab) 
  • Abby Gringeri (Bergmeier lab) 
  • Paolo Guerra (G. Gupta lab) 
  • Aspen Hawkins (Dohlman lab to McGinty lab) 
  • Jake Hughes (Kuhlman lab) 
  • Alli Jimenez (Berlow lab)
  • Pri Khetan (Swanstrom lab) 
  • Luca Montore (Campbell lab to Maness lab) 
  • Marcin  Ogrodniczuk (Dominguez lab) 
  • Isabel Ott (Swanstrom lab) 
  • Ashley Rice (Dohlman lab) 
  • Jake Simmons (Baker lab to Berlow lab) 
  • Henry Uchenna (Neher lab)