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Emily "gracie" Clark
Emily “Gracie” Clark

Congratulations to graduate student, Emily “Gracie” Clark in the Flick lab. She was admitted to the UNC IVB Training Program. 

Gracie’s research is focused on interactions between Staphylococcus aureus virulence factors and components of the host coagulation system – primarily fibrin(ogen) – and their differential contributions to bacterial pathogenesis. The knowledge gained from these studies will be used to design and develop novel strategies for limiting S. aureus virulence and thus rendering the pathogen more susceptible to host antimicrobial mechanisms and traditional antibiotic therapies. 

Gracie completed her undergraduate degrees at UNC in the spring of 2021 and began her graduate education last fall. She previously worked in the Bergmeier lab for several years and is excited to continue exploring her interests in intravascular biology through her research with the Flick lab.