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Meet Gabi

Gabriele V. M. Gabriel, Ph.D. in red shirt“Hello, I am Gabriele Gabriel, a one-year postdoctoral researcher (FAPESP fellowship) in Prof. Sharon Campbell’s lab, where I focus on studying the physico-chemical assessment of the interaction between Protein Disulfide Isomerase (PDIA1) and Rho-Guanine Dissociation Inhibitor (RhoGDIα). I am from Brazil, currently affiliated as a postdoc in the Vascular Biology Laboratory from Prof. Francisco Laurindo, at the Heart Institute (InCor, HCFMUSP, Sao Paulo). I have recently had the privilege of joining the UNC, and I am truly grateful for this opportunity.

My academic and scientific journey began at the University of Sorocaba, where I specialized in Biotechnology. Subsequently, I earned my master’s in Biotechnology and Environmental Monitoring, and my PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, from the Federal University of Sao Carlos, both institutions located in Brazil. During my PhD I had the opportunity to do some experimental analysis at AIST, Japan. My research interests have always revolved around becoming a part of a globally renowned research group, particularly one led by Prof. Sharon Campbell, which is dedicated to investigating GTPases and utilizing various structural, biochemistry and biophysical techniques.

Beyond my passion for science, I have a deep appreciation for nature, and I enjoy capturing moments through photography, especially when it comes to plants. Additionally, I really love have different culinary experiences.”