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6 years ago

Graduate students record Science Seminar Preview podcasts

Fall 2018, second year graduate students: Cari Koerner (Neher Lab), Adam Luthman (Ramsden Lab), Nick Martinez (Campbell Lab), and Keean Braceros (Calabrese Lab) learned valuable science communication skills from Biochemistry 701.  This course helps students gain proficiency in evaluating limitations and alternative approaches in the literature, receive exposure to experimental methods, and practice communicating science …

6 years ago

RESEARCH IN PROGRESS SEMINAR 2018: Gavin Grant, PhD and Sourav Roy, PhD (UNC)

Gavin Grant, PhD Postdoctoral Researcher Department of Biophysics & Biochemistry Jean Cook Lab “Rushing through the morning- potential consequences of an abbreviated G1 phase.” Cell cycle phase transitions are tightly orchestrated to ensure efficient cell cycle progression and genome stability. Interrogating these transitions is important for understanding both normal and pathological cell proliferation. By quantifying …

6 years ago

SEMINAR: Wenyi Wei, PhD (Harvard)

“Targeting Cell Signaling Pathways for Cancer Therapies” Wenyi Wei, PhD Professor, Department of Pathology Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Harvard Medical School “Targeting Cell Signaling Pathways for Cancer Therapies” My laboratory mainly focuses on understanding mechanistically how aberrant cell signaling events lead to altered protein homeostasis and cellular functions to facilitate the development of …