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Fall 2018, second year graduate students: Cari Koerner (Neher Lab), Adam Luthman (Ramsden Lab), Nick Martinez (Campbell Lab), and Keean Braceros (Calabrese Lab) learned valuable science communication skills from Biochemistry 701.  This course helps students gain proficiency in evaluating limitations and alternative approaches in the literature, receive exposure to experimental methods, and practice communicating science in various settings.  Prior the department seminar, students met for a round-table discussion about the speakers’ recent publications.  After the seminar, the students had the opportunity to have lunch with the speaker where they had the opportunity to ask questions about the speakers’ research and career path.  Students also recorded science seminar preview podcasts for the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of NC at Chapel Hill.

Student Cari Koerner shared her thoughts on the podcast experience. “Podcasts are becoming more and more important for science communication, so it was great to have the opportunity to learn about what goes into developing a podcast.  We now better understand the research that goes into writing a script and the practice and retakes that go into recording.”

Listen below to hear a sample of some exciting seminars our department hosted in the fall of 2018.

Listen to our podcasts and read transcripts

Listen to our podcasts at Heelstream

Special thanks to Robb Kehoe, Instructional Media Producer and his team at the Office of Information Systems UNC School of Medicine for the coaching and recording services, Carolyn Clabo, Biochemistry and Biophysics Communications for arranging resources, Leslie Parise, and other instructors of BIOC701, Gerhard Meissner, Brian Button, and Gaorav Gupta.

Please nominate seminar speakers

Please email Jamie DeSoto, Executive Assistant to the Department Chair, at to make your suggestions for seminar speakers.