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Assistance with Operational Infrastructure
ORT assists core facilities deal with a range of operational needs; application process for new recharge service centers, aiding and facilitating strategic maneuvers involved in merging or sunsetting existing cores, and acting as liaison with the Office of Sponsored Research for rate revisions for existing cores being the most prominent. 
Core Performance and Continuous Improvement
ORT conducts annual planning surveys and develops metrics for aiding in data-based decision making concerning core facility operations.  We also offer trainings for cores on achieving operational excellence: process improvement workshops, customer service and communication, can develop and administer customer satisfaction surveys for cores, provide assistance and training in SWOT analysis, and other business skills activities can be requested as general presentations as well as workshops tailored for an individual facility. 
Increasing Core Visibility
ORT strives to increase awareness and usage of our core facilities through development of promotional materials, maintaining the core facilities website and database, assisting cores in website design and maintenance, leveraging social media to showcase our cores, and hosting events highlighting core facilities.
Education and Training

ORT organizes and assists with educational workshops and forums which focus on introducing core users to new technologies, as well as training and information for core directors through Core Director meetings. ORT also maintains an Institutional Membership to the Association of Biomedical Research Facilities (ABRF), which lets all UNC core facility directors and staff members access ABRF material and attend meetings.


ORT organizes the Core Facility Advocacy Committee (CFAC) and hosts monthly CFAC meetings to discuss core needs and discuss financial concerns and successes.  We are also engaged in a continuing conversation with Office of Sponsored Research, School of Medicine Office of Research, and other Institutional Offices to develop, disseminate and implement policies and guidelines affecting core facilities.