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Last updated: May 1, 2024

Rate Development Worksheets

MEMBER SUBSIDY Rate Development Worksheet (If some of your customers receive discounted rates due to a subsidy, use this form)

Rate Dev Worksheets – Feb 27 2023 Member Subsidy 30 Rates no macros

Rate Dev Worksheets – Feb 27 2023 Member Subsidy 50 Rates No macros


NON-MEMBER SUBSIDY Rate Development Worksheet

Rate Dev Worksheets Feb 27 2023 No Member Subsidy 30 Rates no macros


Rate Development Operating Plan

Operating Plan Fillable PDF (will not work in a web-based preview, you must open with Adobe to view properly)

osp-RSC-Operating-Plan 2.23


Financial Reporting

Cores with unique source numbers can access individual financial reporting tracking expenses and revenue on Tableau. Core stakeholders should be aware that these expense reports do not reflect unspent subsidy values.


All cores who utilize iLab for billing can access A/R (Accounts Receivable) reports on Tableau. These can be used to determine any outstanding payments for external customers.


External Customer Core Agreements

Cores who perform work for external customers should maintain contracts filed through the Office of Industry Contracting. Template core agreements can be customized for each core facility. To develop a new template or to initiate a new external agreement follow the instructions on the Office of Industry Contracting website.


Standard Operating Procedure Template (SOP)

The SOP TEMPLATE MUST be utilized for cores undergoing an external audit. If you provide services to customers that could result in an audit, prepare ahead of time by developing SOP versions of all core operations and protocols.