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All recharge centers (also commonly referred to as core facilities) must undergo a bi-annual rate review through the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) to ensure UNC’s compliance with federal guidelines. Failure to charge the rates determined through the rate development process may have negative consequences for UNC during federal audits.

What to Expect

All cores are designated a review period to ensure that rate reviews are completed on or around the 2-year mark. The status of your core’s rate review is available in the Tableau Dashboard for your core facility. For questions about access, please contact the OSP Research Core Development team at


OSP will contact the individuals it has on file 90-days prior to the due date of the rate review. If you are a new core director or business administrator, please reach out to OSP to ensure that you are on their contact list for your core facility at

When OSP contacts you, they will provide your last rate review documents for your review. You will need to use NEW forms for this year’s rate review, though some information may be able to be copied over. The current (2023) documents are listed below: If you have more rates to add or if you need extra rows unlocked in any of the sheets, you will need to contact OSP to make your request at

“Member Subsidy” RDW forms should b utilize if certain individuals who are a “member” of whatever entity provides a subsidy to your core receive a DIFFERENT rate than other internal members. If your subsidy reduces rates for everyone equally, please use the “No Member Subsidy” version.

You may need input from your business managers to complete the form. Please make your requests in a timely fashion so that other contributors have ample time to get you the information you will need to meet the deadline OSP provides.

Who Can Help

While rate reviews can seem daunting, there are several people here at UNC who can help. Typically, those who are able to provide support will reach out to you during the rate review process to ensure you are set up for success. Please reach out at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am going to start offering a new service. Do I need to update my rate sheet?

  • If the service you are offering will be billed using a rate that is different from an existing rate, you will need to update your RDW to include a new rate.

When should I consider updating my rates?

If your current rates are no longer covering your operating expenses due to increases in personnel or supply costs, new maintenance contracts, etc, or you wish to offer new or remove old rates, you may update your rate worksheet at any time by initiating an off-cycle rate review with OSP by contacting