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Offices at UNC Involved with Capital Equipment

Risk Management

Risk Management Services handles insurance needs for the campus, including core equipment.  The university carries basic equipment coverage, but some cores that are heavily dependent on expensive instrumentation may want to consider purchasing additional coverage through the university’s policies.  This cost can be recouped through recharge rates.   This is currently a core-by-core option.  Please contact Risk Management Services to discuss options and get quotes.

Assets Management Office

Assets Management ensures the University’s major inventory and equipment is recorded, monitored, and disposed of properly.  New equipment that costs more than $5,000 is tagged and tracked by the office.  Asset Management should be notified when ownership of equipment is transferred to a different unit, or equipment is re-located.


Sales of equipment to external entities is handled by the State Surplus System. Proceeds from the sale are returned to the core, less a small amount in processing fees. For more information

Miscellaneous Purchasing Forms

UNC W-9 form

Waiver-of-Competition form

  • A sole source justification statement should accompany the waiver.  The justification is not for permission to buy the instrument, it is to bypass the state requirement for putting out an open bid for the equipment purchase.  The justification note should explain why you need to purchase a specific instrument from a particular vendor over another instrument from a different vendor, and should serve as additional explanation  for the boxes checked on the waiver form.