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The Core Facility Advocacy Committee is appointed by and reports to the School of Medicine Vice Dean for Research (VDR). The committee is chaired by the Director of The Office of Research Technologies (ORT).

Reviewing the scientific and operational status of cores is a major function of the committee. The committee includes faculty members chosen for their expertise in specific categories of technology and for their interest in strengthening core facilities at UNC. Current categories, each advocating for multiple cores, include 1) Animal Models and Phenotyping, 2) Biochemistry, 3) Clinical, 4) Genomics and 5) Imaging. Committee members work directly with core facility directors to evaluate and recommend upgrading of technology and to ensure high-quality services and user satisfaction. The committee reviews requests and makes recommendations to the VDR for establishment of new cores and the closing of existing cores that are redundant or have lost value.

A key function of the committee is to recommend distribution of institutional resources and space for the cores. The committee and its Chair work closely with the Office of Research Technologies and Vice Dean’s office to reach recommendations that have an effect on cores.