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What is iLab?
CrossLab iLab core facility management is a web-based software solution for facilitating services requests, customer and project management, as well as billing and invoicing.  iLab software can help core staff save time and money by streamlining lab administrative processes and develop better metric tracking and data collection.

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How much does it cost?
CFAC maintains a license for up to 50 separate shared resource facilities. This license is FREE for UNC Chapel Hill cores thanks to investment from CFAC, OoR, OVCR, and other units.

Can I demo iLab?
Yep! Contact ORT at for how iLab could work with your specific core needs.

How can I enroll my core with iLab?
Contact the SOM Business Office at

Does iLabs support external users?
Yes, it does.   For information on setting up accounts for external users contact the SOM Business Office at

Who do I contact for support?
  •; the SOM Business office, for issues and questions about managing iLab research groups and chartfield string entry and management.
  •; iLab technical support, for issues and questions about accessing your iLab account or reporting bugs.