Founded in 1996 by Dr. Judith Tintinalli, our Residency Program consists of a 3 year, RRC accredited Emergency Medicine program. We have 10 residents per year who staff the 70,000 patient-per-year UNC Hospital Emergency Department in Chapel Hill. Our residents also spend 40% of their clinical time at Wake Med Medical Center in Raleigh, NC, which yearly sees over 75,000 adults and 45,000 pediatric patients, making it the highest volume emergency department in the Chapel Hill-Durham-Raleigh region.

We are innovators in the use of medical simulation, ultrasound, international health, pediatric training, and emphasize experience in both community and academic settings to optimally prepare each graduate for leadership in whichever career in Emergency Medicine they chose to pursue. We aim to train the next generation of Emergency Medicine leaders.


left to right: Craig Frater, Kevin Biese, Ian B.K. Martin, Graham Snyder, and Nikki Waller

Headed by Program Director Dr. Kevin Biese; co-led by Associate Program Directors Drs. Graham Snyder and Ian Martin; and Assistant Program Directors Craig Frater,Nikki Waller and Christina Shenvi. Our Residency Coordinators Stephanie Morgan and Wynne Sheen are the best anywhere and ensure that things always run smoothly!  We currently have fellowships in EMS, directed by Dr. Jane Brice; Pediatrics, directed by Dr. Courtney Mann; Global Health fellowship directed by Dr. Ian Martin; and Geriatrics directed by Dr. Kevin Biese. We are excited to have the support of our chair Dr Charles Cairns and to be part of  the UNC EM Division of Education led by Dr Chris Howarth.

graphic_residency_kevintest.jpg Our  philosophy here at UNC is: "Great people make great doctors." This  doctrine is best exemplified by the camaraderie displayed by our residents in  their daily interactions with each other, their attendings, and their fellow  hospital staff. Here at UNC we strive to have a family atmosphere, as we believe this results in better, more compassionate care for our patients as well as happier residents. If  you choose to train at UNC, we want you to be personally fulfilled while  becoming an excellent emergency medicine physician. If  interested in our program, please feel free to contact me or anyone one of our  faculty or residents with questions.

Kevin Biese, MD, MAT, FACEP

Program Director, UNC  Department of Emergency Medicine

We believe in our program not just because of what goes on in the hospital, but also what goes on outside. We have a very outgoing and active resident life here at UNC, especially with all the things that Chapel Hill, the Triangle, and even North Carolina has to offer.